Client First Investment advisory firm started in Dec.'2006 with the aim of making investing simpler, more understandable and profitable. We offer personalized investment advisory and financial planning services to individual investors, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and High Net worth Clients, among others.

Our Vision :

To become a most trusted & credible Investment advisory services firm, continuously educating investors and assisting them in creating abundant wealth

Our Mission :

In the spirit of fulfilling our Vision we will strive to:

• Serve our fine customers with high ethical standards

• Provide service not just restricted to genuine advice but creating value too

• Respect each customer by our deeds & not just by words

• Provide financial advisory with customized solutions to each customer to fulfill their today's needs and tomorrow's dreams & above all ensuring them a sense of safety, security & trust

Offerings :

We at Client First deliver unique financial solutions, tailored to your specific needs through Fee only Personal Financial Planning, Investment Advisory & Wealth ManagementlSirvices.

We feel strongly that our customers are unique. You have unique financial requirements, because your circumstances are different, your goals are different, and your approach to risk is different. We would start with you, your needs and goals, and arrive at the right financial solution for you, today and in the future. Only then would we start to assemble a set of financial products that together compose your portfolio-- one that is aligned with your financial objectives.

Customized Investment Solution :

To achieve your long-term goals such as your child's education, your own home, a secure retirement.

To protect your short-term expenses and needs, your liabilities and long-term goals, ensuring your family is taken care of even in your absence.

To achieve both greater wealth and financial security.

At Client First, we are education centric. We will help you in identifying & understanding your needs and also in developing a portfolio across different asset classes commensurate to your needs. We will also give you a feel on the various asset classes and explain to you the risk associated with each in a simple and lucid manner. Investments made will be backed by periodic valuation reports and regular relevant information through newsletters, mailers, e-mails, sms's, etc.

A strong foundation can support a tall building. We are laying the foundation now. Welcome to Money Care

What we are NOT :

We do not set personal or organizational goals that are not aligned with what we would like for our customers. We do not wish to create wealth for ourselves at the expense of our customers. We are here for the long-haul, and we wish to retain our customers for life, and if possible for generations.

We therefore will not churn your portfolios to make a bit extra in commissions.

We will not recommend products to you that we don’t feel are optimal just because we might get a few rupees more in commissions.

We do not think our relationships with our customers are short-term and to be milked for what it is worth while it lasts. We will not be dictated to by our suppliers or driven by targets imposed by them. Their job is to create good high performing products. If they succeed, they will find we are recommending them to our customers. If their products are not faring well, and we believe they will not serve the needs of our customers, we will not recommend them. It is that simple. We are advocates of our customers, not our suppliers. 

We do not believe in pushing the limits of what is permissible by law or regulation. We respect both the letter and the spirit of legislation. We believe that traditional, old-fashioned, good values and ethics are good business strategies too. 

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